Victor Flow Through Racking System

Often called; ‘Live Storage’ racking or ‘Gravity Flow’ Racking.

‘Live Storage’ or ‘Flow Through’ Victor racking features lanes of conveyor rollers on a slight incline, which allows the pallets to roll forward by gravity at a controlled speed. Pallets are loaded from one side and retrieved from the opposite side.

Flow Through or Live Storage racking is essentially the same as Push Back except that it is loaded from the back and unloaded from the front.

Gravity Flow is not limited to 6 deep as with the Push Back system. You can have as many pallets deep as you like.

It provides excellent stock rotation as it is First In First Out ‘FIFO’.

Flow Through or Live Storage racking has a number of features:

  • Excellent product turnover (FIFO).
  • Time saved in product handling.
  • Maximum space utilisation.
  • Good stock control, you can have one lane per product.
  • Forklift times are much reduced compared with conventional Selective Racking.
  • Stock stored in the system is protected from accidental damage.
  • Can be loaded or unloaded by conventional forklifts of any shape or size.

Victor Industries engineering team will assist you with the documentation process to enable your organisation’s racking project to be ‘Certified’ as compliant with the appropriate standards. Furthermore, Victor warrants that our products meet all the required installation and manufacturing standards, subject to proper use and operation within the specified load ratings.

Keep those pallets flowing and the stock turning over efficiently; enjoy the extra capacity of a cleverly specified system from Victor. There will be a solution to your individual needs from Victor’s extensive range. Victor Racking is superior in every connection!

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