Victor Pushback Racking Systems


For large volumes of the same product type

Pushback Racking systems are used for specific product storage, in batch manufacturing or processing. The Pushback system is suited to storing large volumes of bulk product when stock rotation is not such an issue. It is First In Last Out ‘FILO’.

The big advantage of Push-Back as compared to Drive-in is that any one remaining pallet of a type will always present itself at the front in a push-back system, so that it is immediately accessible, where it will remain at the back of a drive-in system. This may require the unloading of other levels of that lane in order to retrieve that one last pallet.

Each level consists of a number of gravity conveyor lanes. The product is loaded from the front, then, as the next pallet is loaded it is used to ‘push back’ the first pallet to make room and so on until the lane is full. It is not recommended to go more than 6 deep in a push back system.

Unloading is also from the front, when the first pallet is removed the remaining pallets roll forward ready for removal.

The gravity conveyor is fitted with ‘braked’ rollers to regulate the speed the pallets advance when the front pallet is removed.

Because the ‘lanes’ consist of conveyor rollers, a variety of pallet sizes can be loaded into this system, one behind the other.

Another feature of Push Back is that an existing fork lift truck can be used to place each pallet at the front of the racking, eliminating the need to have a narrow forklift to fit inside the lanes of a ‘Drive-in’ system.

Pallets can be stored up to six deep.

Pushback works on a gravity feed basis and pallets will always be available at the front of the racking as they naturally roll to the front. This system provides for very dense storage of SKU’s. A Pushback system can be installed with the back against a wall.

Fork lifts of any shape or size can be used with Pushback to place each pallet at the front of the racking.

Victor’s engineering team will assist you with the documentation process to enable your organisation’s racking project to be ‘Certified’ as compliant with these standards. Furthermore Victor warrants you that our products will meet all required installation and manufacturing standards, subject to proper use and operation within maximum load ratings.


Push those pallets back ….and make a huge amount of extra storage space. We know you will find a Victor racking solution. Victor Racking, better in every connection.

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