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Guiding you though every step of the storage selection and construction process

From the design to the installation and maintenance of your industrial storage shelving and pallet racking

As your industrial and warehouse racking systems must be fit for purpose at all times – Victor go the extra mile to ensure you are always taken care of.

Right from the initial consultation, through the process, to the design, quote, order, consent, supply, installation, and to the ongoing maintenance of your storage and warehouse racking, we will make sure you are given the respect you deserve, and the assurance you would expect from New Zealand’s leading racking supply company.

The process of finding the appropriate racking or shelving system for your business starts with listening to your requirements. There are a number of considerations, such as:

  • Is 100% accessibility important?
  • Are the good perishable?
  • Is the environment corrosive?
  • What is the average weight of your pallets?
  • What is your standard pallet size?
  • What is the maximum pallet weight?
  • Do you have an existing forklift you will be using and what are its dimensions?
  • Is there a sprinkler system in the building?
  • Have you had a fire report done?
  • Do you require Victor Industries to get your consent?
  • Have you considered for future growth?
  • What are the floor specifications, and substrate (this has to do with seismic calculations)
  • Etc

The Victor team is trained for this and is available to meet with you, discuss your needs – we are good listeners and are qualified to advise on the most suitable system for your company.

There is a wide range of warehouse shelving units and pallet racking designs available. We will make sure you get one that complements your business operation.

An important consideration in any racking installation is having a certified product with appropriate ‘Code of Compliance’, ‘Producer Statement’ and all the relevant documents to allow you to get ‘consent’ and a final sign off when the installation is complete. Without this you will be prevented from using your racking.

After your consultation, Victor will undergo research, and design your pallet racking or warehouse shelving configuration.

As New Zealand has very strict safety requirements, particularly in regards to seismic regulations, we aim to ensure that your design not only meets, but exceeds current codes and regulations.

After we are completely clear on your storage requirements, we will present you with a free, no obligations quote for the supply and installation of your system. Your Victor salesperson will take time to explain the detail of this quote with you to ensure you clearly understand what you will get and what is covered in the quotation document.

With installers nationwide, we ensure your system is not only designed to work effectively, but is set up to industry acceptable standards.

As a Victor customer, we offer a lifetime guarantee and will provide all the maintenance and relocation work you need.

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